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Thread: travel or trip?

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    Red face travel or trip?

    What's the difference between travel and trip? which one does sound more natural to you?

    1. I travelled to Europe last year.
    2. I made /or took a trip to Europe last year.
    3. I tripped around Japan last year.
    4. My trip to Japan was wonderful.
    5. My travelling to Japan was wonderful.

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    Re: travel or trip?

    Travel works better as a verb; trip works better as a noun. #3 suggests lightheartedness or vagary; #5 is just awkward.

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    Re: travel or trip?

    Could you be more specific? i still don't get it. Especailly regarding #3, what do you mean? And why #4 is not acceptable?

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    Re: travel or trip?

    #3: "Trip" does not work as a verb in this context... the word can be a verb, but it doesn't have the meaning that you want, when used as a verb. One "takes a trip" but one does not "trip" ... at least in this context. Just use "travel" for the verb as suggested and you'll be fine and you won't be tripped up.

    #4: Micawber was telling you (by way of omission) that #4 is fine.... you're using "trip" as a noun. Good.
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