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    Pls Help on a Grammatical Q

    "The film started "LATE".

    I thought the "late" is adjective. In fact, it's adverb. Reasoning please.


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    Re: Pls Help on a Grammatical Q

    Adjectives describe objects. Adverbs describe actions.

    In this case "late" is describing how the movie started. Starting is an action.

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    Re: Pls Help on a Grammatical Q

    Bear in mind that, according to the sentence, 'late' can function both as an adjective and as an adverb with no change to its form.

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    Re: Pls Help on a Grammatical Q

    Welcome to the forums, Alex.

    Please note that chatroom abbreviations are not allowed here* and that "Thread titles should include all or part of the word/phrase being discussed" (Posting Guidelines).

    A good title for this thread would have been The film started late.

    * You could try correcting your title by the use of the Edit Post button.


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