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    explanation: plausible

    hi people,

    hope you can help with this one.

    i have found in an online dictionary the meaning of "plausible":

    plausible (adj)
    1. --> Seemingly or apparently valid, likely, or acceptable; credible: a plausible excuse.
    2. ---> Giving a deceptive impression of truth or reliability.

    Don't the meanings oppose each other ?
    could you come up with some examples and explanations ?


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    Re: explanation: plausible

    no, it just means "believable." Without suggesting whether or not it is true.... just that it is worthy of belief.

    The theory advanced by Jones was plausible, and the other chemists decided to investigate it.

    Her explanation of her late arrival at the party is just barely plausible. (Suggesting that it's a lie.)

    Blanchard's account of the causes of the First World War is in my opinion utterly implausible.

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    Re: explanation: plausible

    A plasuible excuse could be believed by the person listening, yet if it is untrue, it's deceiving. I agree with Ebb, though sometimes we say things like 'it seemed plausible' to let a little doubt creep in.

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