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    TEFL Checkpoint Tenses Proof Read.

    Hi I was wondering if there was anybody out there that could proof read a essay for m, before I sumit,

    The main points that need to be addressed are.

    1. I have chosen Simple Past, but am a little confused as I'm thinking it could also be present perfect or present perfect continuous.

    Just need to have this confirmed (make's sense if you watch the video attached)

    2. Can you just check the grammar, spelling and wording for me, I think that i'm find there, but it's nice to have a proof read.


    What grammatical structure is being taught?
    The teacher presents a context and new vocabulary and explains the form of the language in a meaningful context.

    Simple Past
    [VERB+ed] or irregular verbs
    Past Facts or Generalizations


    Past Present Future

    The Simple Past can also be used to illustrate past facts or generalizations that are no longer true, the use of the Simple Past is quite similar to the saying "used to."


    -He used to have a lot of girlfriends, but now he has none (reference to the assessment video)

    - She was outgoing as a child, but now she is very shy.

    _ He used to sit on his ass all day as a teenager, but now he play's football.

    - She used to be an actress as a child, but now she only watch's her old movies, on TV.

    How does the teacher make the meaning (i.e. function, concept) of the structure clear?

    The teacher caters to all learner senses.
    Visual learners (using pictures and the board)
    Auditory learners (speaking the words out loud)
    Kinesthetic learners (thru both group and pair work)

    The teacher made the lesson attention grabbing and takes an interest in all of the students.
    The teacher presented the word’s being used in the grammatical structure using appropriate techniques, e.g. pictures, facial and hand gestures, etc.
    The teacher extract’s information from the class, not just communicating the vocabulary, being taught

    i.e. Teacher: Eric now lives in? (Draws a picture of a prison on the whiteboard)
    Student: Prison

    The teacher draws a visual timeline on the board, to represent, past/present/future tenses.
    The teacher corrects students when errors are made and encourages self-correction

    i.e. thru having the student repeat the word until they can pronounce it

    The teacher draws a box around the main words being taught on the board.

    i.e. used to

    How does The Teacher check student understanding?
    The teacher listens for mistakes in the students’ communication and spotted the structures the class avoid using.
    The teacher asked concept check questions during the lesson,

    i.e. Teacher: do you think Eric drinks wine anymore, now he is in prison?
    Student: No

    The teacher uses lots of open questions.
    Checks that the class understands the meaning off the words used in the lesson

    i.e. The word Pop Star

    Uses brain storming activity (i.e. problems Peter may face being a Pop Star)
    Monitors the class during group activities.
    The teacher takes notes during group activities, so he can refer back
    Checks understanding of verbs and adjectives and gives examples on the board.

    How do the students practice the structure?

    The students put into practice the structure through controlled activities such as worksheets and question and answer activities.

    The teacher breaks the class into groups and pairs, so they can apply what has been taught.

    i.e. something you used to do but don’t do anymore

    The teacher drill’s the class, asking them to repeat words being taught (The teacher does this in a great way by clicking his fingers in time to the words/sentences being taught, breaking up the syllables)

    The teacher gives out written homework, to be finished by the next lesson.

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    Re: TEFL Checkpoint Tenses Proof Read.

    Welcome to the forum, justonefish.

    We like to help when we can, but this appears to be a homework assignment; I'm afraid we can't help you with that. Your teacher/tutor wants to see what you can do. not what we can.

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