I had my student write an invitation letter that invites his friend to a dinner party at his home. He was expected to write the letter in formal style.
His letter is:
Dear Ann,
I moved to my new home a few days before. Our whole family is going to hold a dinner party at 7pm on October 4 at our new home. I am pleased to invite you to come. If you could, please contact me in advance so that I could tell you my specific address. And on that day I would show you around my home and would be very pleased to introduce my friends to you.
I am looking forward to having you with us that day.


I made some changes. Could you proofread it and make it formal? Thank you!

Dear Mrs. Smith,
It is pleasing to inform that I have moved to my new home several days ago. In celebration, a dinner party will be thrown at 7 on October 4 in it. It was most honored to extend to you an invitation to the party. If you could attend, please notify me beforehand in order that I could inform you of my new address. And that day I will be pleased to show you around my house and to introduce my friends to you.
Yours sincerely,
Cecily Zhang