I respectfully petition for readmission to University of - for the Fall quarter of 2012. I was academically disqualified after the spring quarter of 2012. Upon my entrance into the university in fall 2010 I have always been very studious which has led me to excel academically throughout high school and community college. When I began my studies at the beginning of transferring in, I was ignorant of so many things. I didn’t really pick up on university regulations and penalties comfortably until spring quarter 2011. It was then when I learned that I unfortunately that I could have dropped more than one course a quarter. For example, in Winter 2011 I was diagnosed with a serve acute bronchitis during the quarter along with having acquired the stomach flu and kidney infection over the winter break. I had dropped one course with a ‘W‘ understanding it as I could only drop one course per quarter however I found out that I could drop multiple courses per quarter with a ‘W’ but only each course once. I learned my lesson and became very familiar with the college catalog at that point. Then, during the Spring 2011, while I was still recovering from my illness I took a bad judgement and took too many courses to handle while I was working. Even though I did not do my best I went from academic disqualification to academic probation. During the Summer Sessions 2011 even though I had taken courses during the summer at a community college before did not understand the speed of a university and couldn’t keep up as I thought I could. I had done well in Psyc 60 with a passing grade of a B. However, I had hurt my arm from dislocating it at Mixed Martial Arts during the summer which made me miss a few courses and I was not able to catch up as well as could not drop the Chem 140B course because I had taken a ‘W’ already for it. I had to try my best to catch up and understand it well. Another factor that I could have prevented was taking a course during summer session II 2011 because of Ramadan where I wouldn’t eat or drink during the daytime. I realized afterwards that I should have taken better judgement and shouldn’t have taken a course during that time because I knew that I wouldn’t be able to focus. Finally in Fall 2011, I was able to get back into good standing status and believed that everything was back on track. I had been healthy again and took precautions as taking vitamins using hand disinfected wipes and overall just taking better care of myself. As well as knowing all the regulations and dates of when to drop courses and who to talk to when I have a difficult time with either course or getting sick. Then, in Winter 2012, I got sick again but I did not know what was wrong with me again they knew it was an infection in lungs probably left behind dormant from the bronchitis. This time I knew that i could drop or take an incomplete if needed as well as the times. I took a INC for my Chem143A lab. During the rest of the quarter I was at lectures and study sessions I fought to stay awake but I did not always win because the constant coughing would keep me up all night. Even the inhaler that was given to me was no help at all. I studied every chance I was given because I knew it wouldn’t be long before my immune system got the best of me. However, my grades slipped from me again. At the end, during Spring 2012 I decided that maybe studying for a degree in the science field is not for me even though I love it with a passion. I started to not only bring my grades up as well as deciding what major to switch over to. I had done good in all of my courses except two of my courses. The first was Chem 120A, I was doing well in that course except the day of the final I had broken my toe right before and could not take my final. I had attempted to contact my professor for chance to take an INC and take the final later however, not sure if it was at my end or his end, he had to received any of my emails. I had done okay not my best but well enough to have a decent grade. Unfortunately I was academically disqualified from the university and thought that was more important to focus on and hopefully get allowed readmitted back in. The other course that I had not done well was in Econ 100. During the time I was at enrolled at the university I was living at The Village, the apartments for transfers. I had an incident where another person, a male who lived in the building next to me I person I thought was my friend, was harnessing me I had to get the RSOs as well as police campus to make sure he left me alone. I believe that even though I had done poorly in the beginning exams I had done extremely well in the assignments and passed the final however that still did not give me a passing grade. I believe that if I had lived somewhere else where it was more safer and everyone whether they were a friend or not knew where you lived I would have not been harnessed especially at early hours of the day. I would have been able to pass the course. The last thing I like to include into this letter is that I have found out recently that I was diagnosed with ADHD as child however my parents decided to not medicate me. I had schedule an appointment with the my primary physician - at the - on the Tuesday the 16th of this month to be fully tested and decided the correct course of action. (Documents pending and will be forwarded soon.) I feel if I was properly diagnosed with ADHD and nothing has been ever been done with it, this could have been my main factor of my problems with school among other things.
During my enrollment at University of -, I truly tried my best but it was not good enough. I was devastated to see how I was performing when I knew I was capable of doing better. Since dismissal I realized that I needed to make a drastic change not just for scholastic purposes but for my overall wellbeing. I no longer encounter any of the issues I did while in college. I would like to be given another chance to prove the magnitude of my academics. My health has maintained great control for a long time now. I am confident that it will remain that way. I’m not far from graduation. I will send weekly progress reports if I must just to show how sincere I am. Hopefully when allowed back in to school I would major in Economics I have already finished all of the lower division classes and have taken one and attempted at another but will know that I can achieve great in that course. I only have 12 course left to complete. My plan is to take 3 or 4 courses each quarter up until graduation. Following that plan will allow me to graduate in the Fall of 2013. In addition, I am taking Math 20F version of the class at -- College to be transferred over if needed for any course I do take if needed as a prereq. I also understand that I am over my units allowed however if allowed back in I would only need 48 units to complete a BA in Economics. Included in this letter you will find medical records and other documents supporting this letter. Please contact me at -- or at -- for any addition documents needed. Thank you for your time and patience.