It is a controversial issue that Parents should encourage their children to do their school work independently instead of helping them. Some believe that solving problems by oneself(themselves?) make children more strong. However, I think that it is better for children to do their work with their parents than doing their work by themselves.

For one thing, doing children's assignments with their parents should be preferred to doing their assignments independently because doing together help children learn cooperation that makes it easy children to adjust society. For instance, one of my friends, Joshua hated to study a lot, but liked to do something together from when he was an elementary school student, and then he could make a lot of new friends. Surprisingly, now, he is a restaurant owner that his a lots friends visit to the restaurant. In this way, it is more important for children to do together rather than to do personally.

In addition, it is more beneficial for parents to help their children's school work because parents' help can save(reduce) other tutoring fee except for school fee. According to a research of Korean Education Association, these days, in Korea, most parents want to spend a lot of money on their children's study, so other tutoring fee is gradually raising from about 500 dollars per a month to about 1000 dollars per a month. It means that if parent prefer spending time on helping their children's shcool work to spending money on children's tutoring, they can save lots of money.

In conclusion, I think parents have to help their children because doing their assignments together is helpful for children's future and lucrative. Consequently, I would like to say that parents should not encourage their children to do their school work independently.