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Thread: "comma" problem

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    "comma" problem

    Hello, I was reading the sentence below and got very confused.

    The strong preference for cash by Japanese household and businesses is one of the reasons that broad money growth, the result of money creation by bank lending, continues to languish despite the fact that the monetary base in Japan has shown a steady annual rise of 20 percent.

    My questions are:

    1: What contines to languish? Money growth or bank lending?
    2: The part which is separated by comma, "the result of money creation by bank", is also one of the reasons of cash preference? I don't know where the sentence belongs.

    Thank you,

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    Talking Re: "comma" problem

    money growth.

    Try replacing the commas with parentheses. This tends to make it clearer. Then see if it reads more easily.

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    Re: "comma" problem

    Thank you!!!
    Now, I understand the whole sentence.
    Thank you for providing me the "comma → parentheses" method.

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