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    Red face The City of Stars Novel

    I did not believe one day dreams ... Because I thought that the dream is not only an idiot ...
    Always stayed under the feet of humans,
    Prisoner relentlessly in that way Almetzahm
    I do not see no choice but to comply
    Even loomed beam me that woke me up
    And made me realize that there is no life without dreams!

    The City of Stars Novel

    Stars are delightful; only viewed from afar!


    What happens if when an unknown person a stranger
    breaks into your life?!
    How would you feel if this suspicious person whom you
    don’t trust, later became becomes the star that you year
    yearn to see, and even to reach?.
    When the The village witch shouted, pointing her finger at
    Zomorrodah: "You'll be the reason this village is
    doomed!" ..
    Then, no No one in the village listened to her, and in fact
    they smeared believed her to be crazya little eccentric to
    say the least. Who would believe that about Zomorrodah,;
    that nice affable girl who loves all people, and appreciates
    animals and nature, Zomorrodah who would not harm the
    village or its people, unless she’s had gone totally
    lunaticmad, and she’s definitely notcertainly had never
    done so!
    But, don’t we call the loves our beloved ones crazy at
    In the Amazon
    The City of Stars By: Farah al Summani

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    Re: The City of Stars Novel

    Do you have a question about the text you published?

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