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Thread: had better

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    had better

    God has always spoken through signs of nature, and He continues to do so today. We had better pay close attention to them.

    Source: Articles - Prophecy - Rapture - Jesus is Coming Soon!


    Which one of the below rules satisfy had better in the above text?

    We use “had better” to give advice about specific situations, not general ones.

    However, when we use “had better” there is a suggestion that if the advice is not followed, that something bad will happen.

    Source: English Grammar Lessons

    In a nutshell, If had better substituted by should, would be there a huge difference since it is beyond non-native speakers' ability to focus on such instructions/rules?

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    Re: had better

    ***** NOT A TEACHER *****


    1. I believe that non-native speakers should avoid "had better" until they are more or less fluent in the language.

    2. Yes, sometimes "had better" is very strong:

    a. When you tell someone that s/he had better do something, it may mean "do it or else [you will be sorry that you did not

    do what I told you]."

    b. And sometimes when you tell someone that s/he had better do something, s/he might answer: Oh, yeah? Are you going to

    make me?


    Of course, sometimes "had better" is "harmless."

    "OMG. It's already 6:45 a.m. You had better hurry, or you will miss the bus for work."

    On the other hand, if your boss says, "You had better stop coming in late every day," that implies that she may be

    ready to fire you. But a "kinder" boss might say, "You really should stop coming in late every day. OK?"



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