Hello? I need your help. I submitted my application to my adorable University. But, I am worrying about my references. They were sent directly admission office. So need to make sure that admission officer know that these references belong to me. I wrote a letter but I feel it is not good enough. Can you revise it for me? Please? Thank you very much for helping millions of people:)
Here is my letter:

Dear Sirs/Madams
Good Morning?
I, Dee P, registration number 99999, am willing to pursue my Masters in Finance at prestigious XYZ.
I have only eyes for accepting XYZ and worrying about if my reference letter handed in right time and accompany my application. Two of my previous professors provided me a reference letter and sent them directly to XYZ Admission office.
I have just realized that there is a possibility for my references could not state my name clearly. Therefore, I would like to make sure if my references were accompany my application.
One of my references was sent by Mr. X, President of UB Toastmaster International, and a lecturer at LLL. The other one was sent by Mrs. Y, a lecturer at LLL
Is it possible for you to check if my references considered for me?
I am looking forward hearing from you.
Thank you very much for your time.
Best Regards,