Could you please check and correct my writing?

1. What this an operating system and what is it's purpose?
The operating system is the master software that is run on a computer, tablet, mobile phone or PDA. Allows you to communicate with computer hardware in an interactive way such as a command language or a graphical user interface. In addition, it allows to run other applications that facilitate the work in our daily life.

2. Where is an operating system stored and how is it transferred to internal memory?

The operating system is installed and stored on the hard disk. As hard disk is a non volatile memory, data can be stored for many years. But the data access from the hard disk is very slow. Therefore just after the computer is started operating system is loaded/coped into RAM from the hard disk, because the access time to data in RAM is the fastest. The first startup program is BIOS which it's responsible for loading the operating system into RAM.

3. List some of the task typically performed by an operating system?
Below is a list of the typical tasks that an operating system can perform.

  1. Process Management - providing an interface for communicating between running applications. It allows you to create, execute and destruction of processes.
  2. Memory Management - it is responsible for dynamically allocate memory to applications and drivers devices.
  3. Device Driver Management - providing an interface for communicating with the device.
  4. Provide a graphical user interface - a user interface provides an interactive way to communicate between the user and the computer system.
  5. Provide environment in real-time - it is used to control machinery, control systems, industrial systems, where are requiring high-speed/high-performance computing. Providing optimal environment for processing information.

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