Modern people care more about public recognition than money when they work

It is a controversial issue that modern people care more about public recognition than money when they work. Some believe that public recognition affect our life a lot of parts such as clothes and politics. However, I think that money has great effects(effect?) on our life for two reasons.

For one thing, Money is more beneficial for our life than public recognition because money allows us to accomplish what we want. For instance, if we have no money, we will be able to do anything because it is necessary for us to spend money on money when we buy something, travel to a different country, even watch movies and sports games. In this way, we have to care about money than public recognition.

In addition, earning lots of money should be preferred to focusing on public recognition because money makes us happy. According to a research of Korea government, the rate that poor killed by themselves is higher than the rate that rich killed by themselves in Korea. It means money is a simple tool, but the money can make it happy for us to live. In this way, the value of wealth is more important than recognition of society in modern society.

In conclusion, I hold the opinion that as soon as much we have money, we can live happily and richly. Consequently, I think that earning a lot of money is the best way that we can live interestingly and get good recognition from our society as well.