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    Competition entry for CAE exam

    Please check and evaluate this essay. Thank you in advance for any help.

    You see this competition in an English language magazine:
    If you really want to learn English you should get a job in an English-speaking country, speak to the people and travel around.
    Do you agree with this opinion? Give us your reasons why or why not. The best answer will win a ticket to London.
    Write your competition entry in220-260 words, giving your views.

    Everyone learns English these days. It has become an international language widely recognized in such fields as business, politics and science. It seems to be impossible to pursue a professional career without having a good grasp of English. But do you really have to go abroad to study or work and travel around to get to know it well? I believe it is not necessary and this conviction is based on my personal experience.
    I started learning English when I was about ten years old. I was lucky enough to have wise parents who realized the importance of having the ability to communicate in English and gladly paid for my private lessons. What additionally worked in my favor was that I was taught by an outstandingly good teacher, whose methods were very effective. That gave me a great motivation to learn. I would not go that far as to say I had a passion for English, however, I indeed developed a keen interest in it. So for me it was not just a matter of reluctantly doing a homework ordered by teacher at school, I found reading and writing essays to be an enjoyable activity. Then when I finished high school I had the chance to travel to USA for work. To my surprise, I didn't have any difficulty in communicating with Americans at all. What is more, I often heard praising remarks about my command of English. It seemed that I thrived on what I had learned back in my country.
    To conclude, I am sure one do not need to go to English-speaking countries in order to achieve a proper command of English. What matters more is self-motivation, a flair for learning languages and simply time spent at the desk at home learning. Going abroad will certainly help improve the language skills but that wouldn't be possible without studying it previously.
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