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    not-very-coordinated one

    What does this "not-very-coordinated one" mean? Not balanced?

    ex)Today our P.E teacher announced that, starting tomorow, modern dance would be part of P.E. class... At home I stood immobile in front of the mirror. I did not see the sinuous body of an experienced dancer. I saw average-looking, not-very-coordinated one...

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    Re: not-very-coordinated one

    People who aren't very co-ordinated (or who lack co-ordination) find it difficult to move their limbs in a rhythmic way, or follow a pattern. People who "can't dance" are usually rather uncoordinated.

    Co-ordination: (Physiology) Harmonious functioning of muscles or groups of muscles in the execution of movements. (Taken from The Free Dictionary)
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