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    Question shakespeare

    In Act 2, Scene 3 (Juliet's Chamber) I'm sure there is more then 2 reasons why Juliet would rather fake her death than tell her parents about Romeo. Now i know it's the obvious reasons like the 2 families do not get along, If Juliet left then she would be left with know money and know inheritance, but there must be reasons as everytime i am writing my essay or work out and it comes to writing what the reasons for her taking the potion is i get totaaly baffeled and it annoys me for days im sure there is another reason. Please help me get it off my chest!
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    Re: shakespeare

    It wouldn't have been so easy in those days just to tell them about Romeo- if she had, she would have been in great trouble. Even if she had, would they have stopped forcing her to marry Paris? Very unlikely.

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