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    online language learning

    hi, what kind of difficulties do you think student may face through their online language learning?

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    Re: online language learning


    I am new to this forum and don't how to use this forum for improving my English. I have not any experience of learning through internet. However, what I feel to be a possible difficulty is (1) Voice learning is perhaps not available. This will hinder in improving the speaking skill of the learner (2) If, after all, there is the facility of talking to other people, the participants from different parts of the globe having different accents will make a hell of it for the learner.

    Is some body there to reply me?

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    Re: online language learning

    It depends- if they are surfing the internet themselves and choosing where to go, they have the advantage of choice, but they might not necessarily choose things that are the most appropriate for them. It depends on many things- their computer knowledge- without a reasonable grasp of this, they'll have trouble finding things, etc. It also depends on their aims- online things may not cover what they require for certain tests, for instance.

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