I need to write to a new friend. I think the style is a bit formal if it is written to a new one. Could you make a comment on the letter in terms of language style? If possible, could you help me check it? Thank you!

Dear Daniel,

It was wonderful of you to offer to help me deal with this project. Your proposal does help a lot, and I think there are some more details for us to meet and discuss it further more.
I can make myself available for our meeting at any time before Oct. 25 for the reason that I will be on training in Beijing for half a month from Oct. 26; or we can make it after Nov. 10 since I will be back then. Just tell me when will be convenient for you and I can make the arrangement. I suggest we meet at the café beside the campus for that it is casual and comfortable there to discuss the details. What’s more, I can bring the necessary files to you at the same time. What do you think then?
It is very nice of you to offer me the help and I hope that someday I can do something for you as repayment for your kindness.