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    "woud phone" vs "would have phoned"

    A new student of mine tells me he has a lot of trouble with the use of "would"...he asked me what the difference was between the following two sentences:

    1--Tom said [B]he'd phone me on Sunday.

    2--Tom said [B]he would have phoned me on Sunday.

    Again I've been overthinking it and have come to the point where I'm second guessing myself. I'd very much appreciate a simple explanation of the difference between the above two sentences...


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    Re: "woud phone" vs "would have phoned"

    In the first case, Tom actually said something like "I will phone you on Sunday". In the second case, he must have said something like "I will have phoned you on Sunday" (which I think would sound better if it were worded "I will have phoned you by Sunday"). Presumably, that means that come Sunday you should have already heard from Tom.

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    Re: "woud phone" vs "would have phoned"

    Thanks for your reply. I understand what you're saying but not sure my student would understand this explanation... I'm wondering if ANYONE ELSE here could perhaps explain it more simply or in another way so that it would make it easier for my student to understand?

    Thanks again rogusx!

    Catherine C.

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    Re: "woud phone" vs "would have phoned"

    Tom said he'd phone me = Tom told you he was going to phone you. Maybe he did, maybe he didn't, but he intended to.
    Tom said that he would have phoned you = Tom didn't intend to phone you and didn't phone you, but says that if things had been different, he would have phoned you. Imagine he has learned something important that you should know about. He didn't know it at the time, so he didn't ring, but he later told you that his not ringing was because of not knowing the information and not through a failing of his.

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    Re: "woud phone" vs "would have phoned"

    hee hee ...Thanks very much!

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    Re: "woud phone" vs "would have phoned"

    'He would phone me on sunday' is a present tense talking about a future
    'He would have phoned me on sunday is am present perfect talking about the past. As I read them. Hope they help.


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