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    Question furture tense and How+Adj

    May you tell me what is the difference between will and be going to when we use will and when we use be going to?
    And what about How+Adjective?
    Please give me some questions and answers.
    anyway,In the egreement the sentence say
    1-I go to school.
    so do I.
    2-My motor has been stolen.Can I make the agreement with this sentence.

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    Re: furture tense and How+Adj

    Though they can often be used in the same way, we tend to use 'going to' for things we want or intend to do, and 'will' for things we don't control, or when we decide now or for promises, etc.
    1- 'So do I' is correct
    2- So has mine

    I'm not sure what you want with how+ adjective, but we can use it with many adjectives:
    How big is it?
    How far is it?
    How expensive was it?


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