hello, please l need my motivational letter for my master's programme to be checked.
it was requested of me to base it on background, work in progress and educational
objectives and finally it should be one page. thank you all for your usual cooperation.

LYDIA HANSON MOTIVATIONAL LETTER BACKGROUND: I am a practical, multitalented, analytical, a fast learner and a performance driven person, who is able to adapt to any changes in environment. I enjoy football, music, cultural activities, reading and researching. I hold a Bachelor in Education with areas in Economics and Mathematics at the University of Cape Coast on a very competitive grade point. At this Level, networking is critical and one must have good interpersonal skills and be a good team player a personality trait which I have.
WORK IN PROGRESS: Studying at the university gave me a good theoretical and practical basis for my future education; it also gave me an opportunity to study some interesting subjects, such as, Econometrics, Statistics, cultural practices in Africa South of the Sahara, cultural impact of tourism in Africa and among others. My choice of M. Phil in Health Economics, Policy and Management is influenced partly by my love for the health sector and Economics as a whole. I had the privilege to do my national service with New Forest Green (NGO) and I work in teams comprising of people from Europe and Australia either sponsors or volunteers to educate the public on health issues such as HIV/AIDS, TB Disease, Family planning, and amongst others. And believe if I graduate from the programme I will help in developing Ghana’s health sector. EDUCATIONAL OBJECTIVES: The face of health sector in the world is changing, new theories and practices come and go and without having been part of the changes through education, I cannot discover for myself how those superior practices and themes can make the health sector more efficient. My interest in the programme therefore, is to let me have the competitive edge in the market and a highly practical insight into current health issues in combination with a learning methodology and research findings that are designed to meet the health challenges of the 21st century and beyond. It is welcoming to know that I will develop an ability to analyze and evaluate complex policy and organizational challenges at both the micro level and at higher levels within health care systems at the end of the program. The major contribution I hope to bring on board is to find out some Health Policy research which is specifically targeted at solving the challenges faced by low and middle income countries for better health services for their citizens especially Africa. University of Oslo is one of the internationally recognized universities in the world. Within a space two hundred and one years it has established relevant team, quality programs, and relevant actionable learning and superior study support for the students. It will be a unique opportunity to meet foreign students, and learn variety of cultures such as Bokmål and Nynorsk language at Norway in addition to Ghana’s rich culture which I will proudly teach my colleagues if admitted. It will be a great honour to also visit Viking Ship and Historical Museum and participates in hiking. I believe the highly qualified lecturers; the modern teaching methods and the academic environment at Oslo University will motivate and enable me to achieve my goals.