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    Meaning of 'Operative me'

    I've started to read Palhniuk's "Pygmy" book, but can't understatand the 'Operative me' word joint. It occure everywhere in the text and as far as I understand it means the 'operative-person' controlling by 'first-role-person' book character(author?).

    Is my guess correct? Does it relates to the book name as vocal similarities?

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    Re: Meaning of 'Operative me'

    I've never read it but from what I can see in excerpts, he is referring to himself as an "operative". Instead of that operative having a name, because the operative is also the writer, he uses "operative me". In most of the excerpts I found, he is "operative me, agent number 67". Perhaps he refers to himself as "operative me" and his employers (if he has them) call him "agent number 67".
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