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    this years’ Haj

    They have no other goal but to disrupt our nation’s safety and unity, which were achieved with the struggles of King Abdul Aziz and your forefathers, may Allah be pleased with them,” the king, supreme commander of all military forces, told the commanders and officers of the security forces and scouts serving in this years’ Haj in a reception at the royal palace in Mina yesterday.

    More: ArabNews

    is a determiner used before a singular noun. In other words, it should be followed by singular. And if we want to make it (the singular noun that comes after this) possessive, we add an apostrophe + s. Now, what being used in the text is on the contrary. They used this + plural. What is the solution?

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    Re: this years’ Haj

    ***** NOT A TEACHER *****


    Congratulations on being such a careful reader.

    Yes, it should be "this year's Haj."


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