Hi forum!

This is for my neighbour to practise her vokab. Could you please work through it if I can use it as it is (punctuation, structure)? The simple grammar is intended because of a limited grammar knowledge.
Thanks a lot for your effort!!

An important job.

Many people work in our company in New York. Today, there is an important job to do.

Anyone can do that job because itís very easy. Someone must do the job, but so far, no one has done it. Everyone is angry now.

Tomorrow, there will also be a lot of work.

No one can do that work because itís very difficult, but someone must do it. Everyone will be angry tomorrow, too.

All the people in our office donít do anything. They did something yesterday. They were sleeping, but no one would call that work. Anyone can sleep, but no one gets money for it. Someone must change that soon, but who?