Please answer this question: 1. is the letter to long?
2. are the information within the letter helpful for my application? are they outside the topic or inapropriate?

Thank you very much!

To Whom It May Concern,

I am writing to you in support of XY and his desire to attend your university for the Master of Science in Environmental Engineering.

As a University Professor, I got to know X in June 2009, during the university admission exam and in the last three years I have thought him “Protection of the Environment’’, ”Pedology” and “Ecology” subjects. From the very beginning I sensed him very interested in the topic he chose to study, showing a deep involvement both in the courses and in the practice oriented seminars.

During his undergraduate studies,X enthusiastically involved himself directly in all classroom discussions. In the same time, he proved to be capable of tackling, and ultimately mastering, a diverse range ot technical topics. During the university years he developed analytical skills build on knowledge, which also highlights him through, long term memory.

X is an excellent student who stands out among his colleagues as a person who is not only generous and open minded but who also integrated very well in different team activities due to his excellent communication skills. He displayed dedication to the chosen field and obtained very good academic results. Consequently, I accepted to conduct his research on the modern technologies used in the protection of the envrionment and to accompany him at a national conference held in Alba-Iulia where he presented the research results.

X proved his organizational skills in many occasions, finalizing various challenging tasks, with optimal results, despite short deadlines which are typical for most academic assignments in our university.

X is self confident, hard working, very thorough and punctual. These qualities enabled him to start working as early as his second year of studies with a prestigious surveying and topography company (S.C. Beleopo S.R.L) where he could perfect his skills on a practical level as well as, combining theoretical coursework with a practical approach.

As a conclusion to my above observations, I give X my highest recommendation. He would be an asset to your university and I urge you to consider his candidacy seriously.

Should you require any further information on candidate XY, please do not hesitate to contact me at the address enclosed in the present form.