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    Question Right alternative

    I've been working on a multiple questions task and I'm not sure about the following two sentences:

    1. A full list of products that _______ developed can be found at our website, so there is no need to include that information in your presentation:

    a. will been b. was c. are been d. are being

    I'm more inclined to opt for WAS (passive: was developed) but i think the verb developed is meant for products and as such it should be "were". So?

    2. The new company gym is now open to all employees and management _____everyone to make use of it.

    a. are urged b. urge c. is urging d. urged

    Which one is most likely to be correct!

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    Re: Right alternative


    1) Try considering every alternative again and post reasons why, please.

    BTW: Although I personally strongly favour the idea of the verb 'developed' relating to 'products', isn't there a slight ambiguity?)

    2) What do you think and why?

    Please, capitalise i (I - pronoun) even when it doesn't begin a clause.

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