Dear Hotelschool The Hague,

Re: Application for the university

I am deeply grateful, that I could apply for your university in order to achieve my dream, to become a hotel manager. As a final year college student at Viliam Pauliny – Tóth College, I was very interested to see your website and apply for the ‘4 year Bachelor Degree’ at your Hotelschool. Since the time I heard about your university, I was convinced about the application to your university.

The main interest in your university occurred when I read your website and ordered a brochure where I could find all the information. The choice of the hotel school turn out to you on the base of your success, leading hotel schools ranking and reputation. It makes me feel like this is the right university for me. These days, the main factor that is important for me is that 97% of your students find a job within a year. However, I know that everybody is responsible for their own placement and nobody has the place guaranteed. Moreover, the internationally recognised Bachelor’s Degree Business Administration in Hotel Management (BBA.HM) and that your hotelschool is accredited by the (NVAO). It impresses me and makes my choice easier.

The course of Bachelor in Hospitality Management seems to be a great opportunity to launch a successful hotel manager career. It suits me well, because of the programme structure. The possibility of international in-service training period lasting about 20 weeks is the great chance to get to know other people and to improve the language and communication skills which are in this kind of job very important, useful and necessary. Also your idea of teaching (couching), having your own hotel (Skotel) and your school contacts all over the world give me an impression of the quality and reliable hotelschool.

In my college career, I have achieved excellent grades and I hope to pass my A-Levels at least grade 2. During my college study, I decided to go for an exchange year to England. I stayed there in the host family which wasn’t very familiar to me and this opened my eyes and I became more independent, self-reliable and hard-working in order to pass my AS-Levels there, in England. In my opinion, my grades very far more better than I expected because the learning was pretty hard but with the right determination and motivation everything can be achieved. This year gave me a lot. It showed me how the world goes and particularly in England I decided to apply for your university. During the last two summer holidays, I worked in accommodation company Aplend as a receptionist where I gained a lot of experiences and I found out how the hotel works and how to behave in order to make the guests happy and fulfilled. During this timer I developed the team-working skills and the ability to work quickly and accurate. Also I would say that my ability of language learning is very good, because I can learn language easily and nowadays the language skills are very important in this business. I can speak fluent English and Czech (which is very similar to my mother tongue) and I have intermediate skills in German.

I strongly believe that I have skills and enthusiasm to make the success of this application and look forward to the opportunity to have an interview with you on one of your selection days.

Your faithfully