I had a limit of 270 words for this letter, so content of text is not as good as it could be. ;/
You can give me some advises if possible :)
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Dear Sir/Madam,
I am writing with regard to the article published on your magazine concerning the importance of keeping in touch with people. I would like to give my view on this article and state that good relationship with relatives is the main key to harmony in the human’s life. More specifically I am going to share my opinion on positive and negative factors of being away from your family which in my case arose from moving to another country.
Firstly, last year I made a hard decision and chose to study abroad. Changes of environment in your life can cause painful moments. A lot of people experience a so called “culture shock” - the moment when processes and communication seems to be done in other way as use to be. In these kinds of circumstances the most important thing is to keep in touch with your family. It is hard to get accustomed therefore advice from your closest ones is needed. Talking can help you feel better and understand everything more clearly or even see things from different point of view.
Secondly, people should not avoid contacts with their friends as they are part of your environment. Socializing is the trigger to an individual’s happiness. Friends are a ‘tool’ to change your understanding of the procedures around you. Moreover, this ‘tool’ stabilizes your mentality, which makes you a ‘normal’ human being.
To conclude, my advice to the reader would be to turn more attention on communication between your loved ones. Talking and socializing is one of the most important interactions in life. Practising these two skills will only help you to feel satisfied about yourself.
Kind regards,