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    as if + .....

    I have a co-worker who was taught in school (in Japan) that when you us as if you use were / was.

    we have the following sentence...

    - They look as if they are wearing tuxedos.

    My co-workers think it should be - as if they were...... (we are talking about penguins by the way).

    I have looked in my dictionary and given the following explanation...

    - used when describing something has a similar appearance to sb/sth.

    I have looked through several grammar books but I am not having much luck explaining this so that it makes sense.

    Can anybody help?

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    Re: as if + .....

    as if + were

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    Re: as if + .....

    I would use 'they look as if they are wearing tuxedos' because it describes a current reality.
    I've made a poll to see what people think:
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