What does this "china doll" mean here? It seems to have many meanings such as "slim beauty", "chinese woman" or "doll made of china=pottery".

ex)Friday came at last, the day of the biggest dance party in years. That afternoon, Mama told us to take a nap, a “Beauty Sleep.” When I woke up, I saw a stranger in the bedroom. A perfect stranger. My jaw was on the floor. It was a beautiful young lady, slender as a willow branch, her hair puffed over
her little shell-pink ears. She wore a pink dress. Her rosebud lips were pinker than her dress. It was my big sister Maggie. I jumped. “Maggie?” I said. I couldn’t believe what Mama did to her. She looked like an angel, no, a china doll, too perfect to touch. Beside Maggie, Mama was holding a curling iron, smiling at me. “Honey, come and see what I did for your sister.”