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    a title

    Intellectual property (IP) is a product of the mind that has commercial value. The concept dates back to 1623 when the first patent law to protect IP rights was passed. IP rights protect the artist from having his/her creative ideas copied by another. For example, if somebody generated an idea for a novel, that idea is protected by IP rights. If someone else wishes to represent the idea or develop it further, he/ she must consult the original artists, who will normally be rewarded financially for its use. Back in the 17thcentury, IP rights were primarily carried out to protect newly developed manufacturing processes against stealing. But today, intellectual propertyrights, are also enjoyed by those who creative music, art and literature.
    In recent years, IP rights have been the focus of a great deal of discussion because of a technology which looks set to weaken them altogether;the Internet. Many years ago, if you wanted a recording of a song, you would have to purchase it from a music store; if a novel, form a book store. In those days, IP rights were easily protected since it was very difficult to obtain intellectual property without paying for it. However, a lot of IP, including songs, films, books and art work, can be downloaded today free of charge using the Internet. This practice has now taken the world by storm, dramatically affecting the way in which we view IP rights.

    1. A possible title for this passage could be ______.

    A. A History of IP Rights B. Ways toProtect Your IP Rights.

    C. The Present and the Future Of IP D. IP Rights and Our Attitudes
    The answer given is D, which I doubt is correct. I cannot find any words to do with our attitudes.
    I choose A, since the passage covers the history and the present situation about IP.
    Am I right? What's your opinion?

    Thanks very much!

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    Re: a title

    I agree with you. There is no mention of attitudes in the text. This is probably merely a mistake.

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