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    download file?

    Teacher, I have heard both sentences. Which one is correct? upload or download?

    Can you download the ABC file to my laptop?


    Can you upload the ABC file to my laptop?

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    Re: download file?


    It depends on what you want to say.

    download - move sth from the Internet into a computer's memory
    upload - usually move sth from a computer's memory to the Internet

    In your case, I would choose download.

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    Re: download file?

    It all depends on your perspective. Just be consistent and define your terms. Normally you upload to a larger or more powerful or "master" system. You download to the smaller device.

    If you were talking about transferring a file from your company network or the internet to your own PC, then I would consider it downloading.

    If you were talking about transferring a file from your mp3 player or memory stick to your PC, I would call it uploading.

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