Attending University is one of the most important decisions that young people have to take. This article will analyze the positive and the negative aspects about studying a degree.
The main reason to study at University is because when graduates finish their studies they will have a better chance to find a job. Despite the advantages for their careers, students have an incredible opportunity to meet new people, especially if they study abroad. In this sense, in Europe you can obtain a scholarship, called Erasmus, which gives you the opportunity to study for a year in any country of the European Union. Finally, during these years you could enjoy more free time than the rest of your life, so it is also the moment to go out at night, do sports, travelů
On the other hand, when you are studying you might you are wasting money as you are not working, hence no getting an income, because it is very difficult to work 8-10 hours a day and go to class at the same time. Moreover, before starting College, high school students have to face a big dilemma: choose the right degree. This decision will affect the rest of their lives, and probably most of them are not mature enough for this task. Finally, nowadays there are more lawyers, doctors, engineers or architects than job opportunities for them, consequently a large number of graduates have to work in less qualified jobs.
In my opinion, attending University is not always the best choice, and we have to consider our skills, because not having a degree is not the end if the world, which seems to be what many think, and probably some would do better following a different path.