Hello, guys!
Can you check my EVS motivation letter, please? I have a strong feeling that it sounds on elementary school level. I would be very appreciated if someone helped me to correct mistakes and paraphrase it a bit...

Dear [%ContactNameHere%],

My name is [%MyNameHere%] and I'm a 22-year-old Russian from [%CityNameHere%]. I would like to apply for a position in your volunteer program. I'm a highly motivated, hard-working, tolerant and dynamic individual with strong desire to become a part of your team. I can easily adopt to any work environment and also in working as a part of a group. Let me explain my motivation.

I'm from a very poor background and my greatest dream has always been to get a good education. I have set a very ambitious goal to get into one of Ivy League colleges, which are famous for extreme high selectivity. Ive spent last years working on my application. Though, I have done a lot, there are still many things I need to accomplish! And your EVS project can help me to prepare myself!

First of all: I've been studying English since elementary school, but Ive had very few opportunities to immerse myself in an English speaking environment. Theres a lot more work in front of me to achieve a level of a perfectly spoken English. I believe that I need to improve my language much further and your program could give me this chance.

Second thing: The experience of living and volunteering in an international environment would, in my opinion, assist me greatly should I be accepted to college. The diversity of your country is incredibly exciting and the idea of spending a lot of time working among people of other culture would be a dream come true. To learn of new cultures, share different views, communicate with people and achieve goals together would be a priceless experience. This is, perhaps, what I seek most.

In the third: Volunteer movement is highly respected, especially overseas, and the opportunity to be a part of it is an experience I would treasure forever. I already had an experience of being in short-term international volunteer camp and it was that type of event, which divided my life into before and after. That one month I spent there, brought a lot in my life. It helped me to be introduced with ideas of volunteering how person can self develop by team work and free helping. I consider a great honor to be part of it.

Along with these general reasons I have additional, which explain, why I match in your specific project. This reason is great desire to improve my social skill. I want to overcome my natural modesty and find organizational and leadership skills in me. Daily work with children and people with limitations will help me a lot. All potential shortfalls that may occur I'm willing to compensate with to my maximum effort and do my best.

I hope that you are interested in my candidacy, and will help me achieve my goals. I would be very grateful if you'd give me a chance to fulfill the dream. I will strive to become an asset to your project and will be delighted to share my culture and background with everyone I encounter.

Thank you for your consideration, and I look forward to your reply.

Faithfully Yours,