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    Passenger only human


    The word "passenger" is defined as "a traveler riding in a vehicle (a boat or bus or car or plane or train etc) who is not operating it."

    The question I have is, does the word "passenger" only apply to a human being? Is any living organism that is travelling, as defined above, a passenger? Could a dog travelling in his owners car be described as a passenger.

    I'd really like to hear some thoughts on this.


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    Re: Passenger only human

    In my opinion, a dog is a passenger as well. Although, have to admit, when we are talking about "a passenger" we think of other human beings. We don't tend to look at a dog as a passenger but it sure is.

    I'm eager to know what do you personally think about it ?

    Kind Regards
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    Re: Passenger only human

    Hi johan! Thanks for your input.

    I guess there is no clear rule for this kind of thing and it does depend on usage, but I am of the opinion that a dog is a passenger too.

    The Specific usage of "passenger" in this case, and what prompted me to write a post is the following;

    The students that I work with have to answer a question in one of their assessments. The question is "Who was Laika?". The answer to this is "Laika is the first dog to enter orbit". However, some of the students have been writing "the first living passenger to enter orbit". This has prompted much discussion! Laika entered orbit in a machine he wasn't piloting, which, to me makes him a passenger.

    What do you think? I think Laika has to be described as a passenger.

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    Re: Passenger only human

    Might it not depend how they travel- in a car, a dog is a passenger to me, but when I took my dog in a plane, he went as cargo in a box- I'm less sure that he was a passenger then. With Laika, it is a tricky one as he was alone, which is not the usual status for a passenger, but as he wasn't piloting, I think you could call him a passenger.

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