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An equally authoritative source, the Macmillan Dictionary, gives the example 'She's majoring in physics'.

Just because you have found one version in one dictionary, you cannot assume that all dictionaries will agree.

As Barb said 'It's a matter of style, not grammar'.

Chicken Sandwich's link on the subject is an excellent article. You might have learnt something from it if you had taken the trouble to read it instead of pompously dismissing it.

Thank you very much. In fact, before giving the reply, I had read that material provided by Chicken Sandwich.

The Macmillan Dictionary has given a good example, but remember what I said at the beginning of the thread:

'When we regard something as a subject, we use a capital letter to start it', which is a generalization made by simply observing the sentence She majored in History at Stanford.

It was because I doubted whether a small 'h' could be used that I started the thread. I have never said that Oxford Dictionary (of course it can be wrong) is always correct; neither have I said the example sentence in that dictionary is exclusively correct.

Anyway, thank you for providing a good example sentence; I will write it down in my notebook.