Please, check if the following passage is grammatically correct. Thanks!

A= a name of a politician.
T= a name of a country

Although A achieved a great victory and garnered over half of the votes, he failed in achieving his most important goal – gaining two thirds of the seats in the parliament in order to change the constitution and thus – change T's character from a secular state to a religious power which purports to lead the […] world. A's desire is to rely on the constitution in order to change the governmental system to a presidential model, such as in the United States, so that within a year or two he will run for president and become not only T's undisputable ruler but largely – a ruler without checks and balances. However, the results of the last elections didn't yet pave the way for that. But A is patient and in no hurry. Over the last seven years, since he was appointed as a prime minister, he has emerged as a determined and adamant politician who has achieved almost all his goals. He has time on his side and it can't be excluded that, one way or the other, through certain political moves, he might achieve the above goal as well. The only chance to stop A lies with the silent majority of the state which is still in favor of secularity. Although part of this majority voted for A in the last elections, it may come to its senses at the last minute. Let's hope it will not be a minute too late.