I have an exams about a week and I am in my last year of pre-university. Can someone check my letter/speech ?
Thank you in advance.

My letter:

I need a nanny, or not ?

There are different ways to raise your children, but what is the best way for you and your child ? The last years there are examples of youth crimes that are caused by bad parenting. Not only the parents have problems by the bad parenting as well as the government and society. To solve this problem, I think parenting classes should be introduced.

Supporters of this idea take a moral aspect of this problem. If you introduce parenting classes the parents will be more confident about raising their children. They can handle the behaviour of their children, so they can solve the bad behaviour and stimulate the good behaviour. Nowadays, there are a lot of television shows about how to raise your children and the programs have good ratings. This obviously means parent are interested in parenting classes. Maybe, the classes must be forced by the government, because otherwise you will get separation in the future.

Others say that if you force parents to parenting classes, you will exceed the human rights. Parenting classes are not the solution of this problems, they think. In their opinion there are parent who are guilty about the time they spend with their children. It is a lack of time for some parents, especially with high career prospects. As a result of their knowledge, they want goals with the children, but it is not a good way to raise your child. You must regain your trust in your parenting skills.

Secondly, there is a high changes of blaming the parents or the school, when a child have a bad future. With parenting classes you can pretend the problems, instead of repair the problems.

However, there is no hard evidence that there is a relation between the anti-social behaviour and the raising. The problems, like youth crimes, are not always the fault of parents. So can the friends of someone influence their behaviour.

Moreover, to take children is a choice you make. You have the responsibility of the child. The government helps the parents with social benefits, so parenting classes is a kind of safeguard that the investments are not spoiling their money.

Opponents say that this is a privacy infringement and it is a human right to take children. The state has limited powers and they can check their benefits at schools with results and behaviour.

The last thing what is good from parenting classes is the prospects. You will save millions of money if there is less youth crimes and later normal crimes. You prevent children from their disadvantages and give them a good future. After all, you will get a healthier society and that means that there will become a higher standard of living.

All in all, parenting classes is the solution of many problems. Parents will get more confidents, the school and parents will not be blamed and the economics grow. On the other hand there are infringement at human rights, like privacy, but you can minimize this. The parenting classes can be subsidised with the money you donít have to spend on youth crimes. Parent classes must be introduced to have a better future for everyone !