Hello, I want to apply to some universities in UK to study Japanese, it' s the first time I've written something like this and I'm very nervous, could you please tell me your opinion on it, maybe you can notice some grammar mistakes or could suggest a better way to express a sentence, I will gladly accept any criticism. There is no ending sentence for now, please just ignore that.

Dear Sir or Madam,

It is a great pleasure to have an opportunity to apply to this university. I am looking forward to studying here in September 2013 as I find your level of teaching apposite for me thereto here I have the choice to study my desired subject. I possess unique lingual skills and I have quite some experience with interpretation therefore I do see myself as a suitable candidate for a position in the offered linguistics sphere, the Japanese course specifically.
From early years I had my mind made up on what do I want to study. Apart from British culture, I have a tremendous interest in the Japanese culture, both ancient times and the modern age. Japanese art and architecture would always take my breath away the minute I laid my eyes on them, not to mention the incomparable national attitude and the way of living. I believe that this amazing culture has surpassed others by centuries and is worth to be called the most astonishing one of all. Finding out more about the Japan and examining itís national heritage is my goal in life. Mastering the native language is a primary step to it and I am determined to become a flawless specialist who is competent of using their skills for professional and self-improvement purposes.
My decision to study linguistics was motivated by many factors. First of all, it is my mentioned above attraction to Japanese culture. Secondly, it is my lingual abilities. I grew up in a mixed cultural environment which helped me develop my ability to communicate in completely different fields and improve my use of modern languages. I can freely communicate in English, Russian and Lithuanian. Also I speak German on B1 level and know the basics of french (A1 level). I am used to having to communicate in languages of different origins and learning Japanese is not a difficult task for me. I am sure that my current achievements are the key to becoming a perfect linguist. In this modernized time there is a lot of translation and interpretation to be done and I no doubt am capable of doing this work thoroughly and correctly.
I am also chiefly glad that I am able to study in English because it is one of the most common languages in the world and I feel like itís a divine chance for me to study and accomplish my goals while speaking this lingo which is like my native tongue to me. Since childhood Iíve been mesmerized by the all many English speaking cultures and itís dialects. Both international media and the classical English literature provided me my knowledge of this unique language. I was always the best at English subject in high school as nothing would motivate me more than my wish to reach perfection of my English speech. Besides, I went to a special English course to test my skills and get rid of my every slip up. Eke my abilities also have a practical use as I have communicated with people of distinct social statuses from all around the world. Numerous times I have conducted as a translator to my friends and family and I realized that I have the skills and the confidence to serve the society as an adept linguist.