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    TOEFL Why Go to University?

    I am practicing my writing skills. I hope I can think faster and have many ideas... so i tried my best here in 40 minutes.

    Why Go to University?

    First of all, education is a very important role in our life. It is vital not only in the school but also in our daily life. People are trying their best to fulfill the subjects and finish high school to then go to the university. University is the next step after being a senior in high school. It is important to consider that if you do not finish your high school, you will not be able to enter to the university. Everybody want to be someone in their life. There are many things to take in consideration of why to go to university.

    As a matter of fact, enter to the university will increase your knowledge of something that you learnt basically. For example, when you are graduated from high school, and you want to maximize your knowledge of something that you want to know deeply, you need to go to the university so that professors will guide you and explain all the things you need to study. It is important to realize that there are many people who wants to be notice as their names. In other words, people are going to take the university, study very hard,then graduated and finally find a job. Those who will finally find a job will be noticed and all the others in the company will respect him or her. They will be feeling very proud of themselves to be noticed. After too much barriers in their lives, they will finally make it to the point that they think is enough. For this purpose, i consider that going to the university will increase your knowledge and perhaps you will discover new things that you did not even know.

    On the other hand, we also can find new friends while studying. Being in a university, we can find a variety of cultures and religions. Interacting with each other will make us know not only about their culture but also their lifestyle. We can make new friends and study together. Friends are good because you can ask them for help if you do not understand something. Notwithstanding, the professors already explained the class. There are students that it makes it very difficult to understand the professor in one class and others that can barely understand the professor. They rather listen from classmates
    and will try to understand. Knowing that are friends, it will makes it very comfortable and therefore, it will be easier to understand. For instance, if a friend of mine cannot understand the professor, she or he will come to me and ask me to help. I will be glad to help him or her and explain all the topics I understood. There are also friends that can help other students to study, such as a group of study. It means that they will all gather around and will try to find a way to study all the topics in a group. In other words, another reason to go to the university is that we can not only find new friends but also that those new friends can help you in your studies.

    In addition to that, going to the university you will have a new place, a new environment for you and also new professors. All the things will change after finishing High School. All the professors will be changed, you will have a new place to settle your books, new friends and also additional subjects. There will be a lot of new things to you to experience. As many people said: " University is very hard.", we can say that yes it is hard. In the first semester, you will be stressed because you will realize is not the same as in High school. It is the triple harder than before. For instance, you choose mathematics because you think that it was easy in high school, so will do here; but then you realize that is very hard, you will see new topics that you did not even give while you were in High school. University is hard, professors will be very tense and will not give you chances for no reason. They will try to make your life impossible, but at the end you will thank them for been like that. They are trying to guide you to the right direction and they will expect you to be known of how the real world is. Finding a job is not hard, but a company searching for the most intelligent and committed worker is harder than they ever thought.

    Over all this, people have been studying in their entire life. First elementary, then high school, and maybe even colleges. University is very important place because not only will enroll you to be a committed person but also to be someone who try to be notice. Going to university you will experience new things such as meeting new friends, new places, new professors, etc... In brief, university is a next step of your studies. You will gain more knowledge of everything you gave in high school. They will try to convert the basic things you knew to a maximize environment.
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    Re: TOEFL Why Go to University?

    It's probably too long for a TOEFL essay. Try to limit your essay to less than 400 words. Make your ideas concise.

    Some suggestions:

    Education plays a very important role
    Everyone wants to become someone in their lives
    Take into consideration
    As a matter of fact, entering a university

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