Hello, fellow users.

I've had this question on my mind for a while now. I've heard several well educated, well known people and scientists, pronounce words like "white", why" etc... with the same aspiration as in the word "whom" for example, Morgan Freeman in this videoclip :

youtube dot com /watch?v=z2d2SzRZvsQ (I can't post links yet, forgive the crude way in which I do it, but I cannot think of any other way than providing an example)

At about 43 seconds in, he pronounces the word "white" exactly in the manner which I described.

Is there a specific reason for this ? Is this manner of speech in any way related to specific accent or ethnicity ?

I believe this would have more to do with education than anything else, since I've seen many examples of this from people in no way related in ethnicity or locality, example : Morgan Freeman there, but I've also heard Richard Dawkins speak in this way.

Thanks for your time, and sorry for the long read !