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Motivation and Reality

First of all how can we be able to be in a perfect fit condition physically if we have no motivation nor we see the reality of what will happen next. Passing from generation to generation, we can notice how we evolutionate eating. People throughout the century have been fatter than before due to the fact that our ancestors were eating what they found in the middle of their way. Those foods were the only thing they see and in addition to that, it was not a big amount of it. But nowadays, we can see how people want to be fit by doing diets, going to the gymnassium and find many ways to get thinner and thinner. And the role of motivation also come there. With motivation, people can have better result rather than doing it for fun. Not only you need motivation but also reality. In real life, people need to expect the consequences of what will other people will say about him or her. Whether they will be criticized or will give you good eyes of your results. As a matter of fact, been deeply motivated can give you more opportunities to complete your goal because you will have a reason why you want to do it. On the other hand, after your very successful goal, you will see the results and therefore comes the reality of your dreams.

The most important thing you need to have is motivation. Motivation is the power for you to do the things you want. Indeed, you need to be very motivated so that you can stick to your plan to success your goal. If a person wants to have a very beautiful body, especially girls, then they need to find something or someone who can motivate them, persuade their goal and also try to focus in their goals. You can restrict what you normally eat and try to reduce all the high carbohydrates you consume normally with other natural foods such as fruits and vegetables. For example, I am highly motivated by super models from magazines. Seeing them posing in their thin and slim body makes me feel I am too fat. So, any time I get rid to all the things I need to avoid, I see the pictures and try to stick to my plan. It is a torture for me but in my opinion I think it is worth it. After so many barriers I have been through I will finally see my results and I will like my new look. I know that it is hard to resist for your favorite food and your stomach is burning for it, desiring for you to give what your stomach wants but you restrain. Trying to refuse your stomach, you will be causing your body not only to burn carbohydrate but also to increase your apetite. But then, you can eat foods that are highly concentrated in low calories. You need to think again and again why you want to do this. Again, you need to be motivated. For example, many people want to be thin because then other people will not make fun of how chubby is him or her; they wil not stay at home anymore because they had considered themselves that they were ugly and fat. Another major reason is that they want to show how she or he wants to be, including their personality, how they want to dress and because of it they cannot wear those clothes because they are too fat and do not fit in the dresses they want to show.

If fat people have not been fat and have not been exceeding the amount of food they eat, they will have enter to the sport teams and there will had have met friends and also had have a healthy body. They will have been very beautiful thin girls and boys and will be actracted to anyone. For example, a girl that wanted to eat more and more but her mother try to motivate her and try to calm her down that if she eat more it will have drastic consequences. Then, when she grown up, she is a very beautiful girl with the most impecable body every woman wants. Every man around will be seized by her, will have more interest in her rather than in other girls that are chubby and fat. I consider that not all the people are looking for a good looking girl or boy but also they are looking for what is inside you, how your feelings are. But physical appearance is as much important as feelings. People will feel very attractive because of the good looking, but, what if that person is bad or do not care of anyone feelings?, then I will also consider that physical look is not too important as your feelings.

From generation to generations, people have been changing their eating style because everywhere you can find foods; especially fast foods in which are considered as junk foods with a lot of artificial concentration and are not healthy for your body. Our ancestors were the ones who eat too little and were seeking for more but they did not have the opportunity to eat all the foods and desire they want due to the fact that they did not find many delicious food in those era. They ate whatever they could found in their surroundings so they could have survived until nowadays. Time had passed, and we can see that the world evolutionated and it continue to evolutionate providing us with all the resources to find food easily. And because of it, we can eat whatever we want and our stomach desire. We can find any restaurant and fastfood stores and eat whatever we wanted. Due to this, we eat more than our body normally need per day. For instance, chicken fried contains a lot of oil and preservatives, in other words they have a high concentration in carbohydrates. If a person can eat tons of chicken fried, his or her body will gain a lot of carbohydrate and the body will results with many consequences such as overweight.

A side from that, it is important to take in consideration how to follow your plan. How to stick with all this. Normally, people who ask for help such as weight watcher, will tell you to write down everything you eat during all the entire days. They will try to reduce the things your body do not need and will only give you the necessary foods for your body. Then if you stick to this test, then you will gain points. Winning these points you can be very proud of yourself and will be like a role model to the other people whom also needed help from a trainer. There are people who are very excited for the firts weeks but then, in the middle of it, they give up and will quit. Most of these people will do that and will say that the program never result for me. This is the main reason of why their goals does not success. They said that it does not work but, first of all, did they finish the program? People need to follow their trainies and try to do all the things well so that we can see the results in months.

Overall, we can say that been motivated will give you more power to achieve your goals and because of it, you will be able to see the results of how well you have succeeded. Throughout centuries, our ways to eat have been change due to the fact that we now have the facilities to eat whatever we can find. In those times where there were poor amount of food, our ancestors tried to survive with what they had, but nowadays we can easily find food everywhere. If you want for your goals to succeed then, you need to continue with your trainie and try to stick to your plan. If you cannot, then find courage to deal with it and do not give up all the things you have already done. In other words, why will you give up if you are already in the middle of it? Why dont you finish what you have already started?.