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    Question Studying in English.

    This year I have to study philosophy in English, but I find pretty difficult to study a subject in other language that isn't my first language, so I'd like some advice for studying in other language.
    Do I have to study firstly the subject in my first language and after study it in English...?
    Some advice please...?


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    Re: Studying in English.

    /not a teacher, just want to share some tips with you.

    I don't think it's necessary to study the subject first in your native language. It may help you a lot but also consume your time. I'm studying electrical engineering in English with very little background.

    Anyway, it could be better if you can tell your main problems. What are your difficulties? If you find it hard to remember the vocabulary, I suggest using a spaced repetition flashcard software like Anki or (a website).

    Anyway, do what works for you. If you find it better to study philosophy in English if you understand it first, then go for it.

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    Re: Studying in English.

    Do you have problems with the subject when you read in Spanish If not, then I don't see how reading in Spanish will help much. You might be better off reading as widely as you can in your area in English. Start with short easy articles, basic pieces on the ideas of philosophy, and get used to the terminology and the way people discuss their ideas.

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