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    "the common good/ moral issues"

    "As a proud Catholic inspired by church teachings on human dignity and the common good,I want our bishops and all Catholics to remain effective messengers of Gospel values in a pluralistic public square."

    "The Catholic Church's countercultural witness defending the sanctity of all human life is a treasure. But when some leaders give the false impression that the church is simply the Republican Party at prayer or that Catholicism is a single-issue religion, this treasure is tarnished. Americans know that bishops oppose contraception, abortion and gay marriage. But what about the chasm between rich and poor, environmental destruction and assaults on workers? These are all moral issues central to traditional Catholic teaching that U.S. church leaders are less vocal about."

    More: The real meaning of Vatican II -

    According to the context, can we say that the common good and moral issues mutually substituted?

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    Re: "the common good/ moral issues"


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