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Are Parents Best Teachers?

As a matter of fact, our parents are the ones who gave us life. Everyday we thanks them for giving us the opportunity to live. From the moment we were born, they had been watching us growing up, guiding us to do the right decisions, giving us advises, and other things that only a child might interact with their parents. I consider that parents are the best teachers we can ever have due to the fact that they are the most precious people who will be there always for you. There are a lot of advantages that parents are the best role model to continue. Teachers from school are not the ones who teach you about feelings. Nevertheless, they were and are the ones who teaches us how to read, add, subtract, and other material needs.

At school, we can learn a lot of new things during all those eight hours of classes per week. For instance, a teacher will be teaching their students how to read, to subtract, to add, and other subjects. I think that teachers may have been giving us the definition of what love, friendship, and all the types of feelings are, but most of the teachers are just making us to learn the definition and we probably will not practice them. Every week we see our teachers teaching us new things for us for a long period of time. However, students spend more time with their parents rather than with teachers. Teachers are not the ones who see them doing the homework, talking with them personally, nor seeing them sleep. Being with your parents, which all child must convey with them everyday, is the best time in your life. They will tell you their experiences about how hard they came as they are now, will tell you their stories, etc... As long as they teaches their child to the right side, them they are the best teachers a child could ever had. For example, when I was a little child, I always thrown the piece of plastic bag outside the garbage can, and my mother used to say: "No sweety, you did not throw your bag properly, please pick it up and throw it to the can" As you may see, all parents will try to correct you if they think you are doing something wrong. They are the ones who will tell you whether is correct or not what you are doing.

Not only parents will teach us what is right and what not, but also they will teach us all types of feelings. Everyday before going to school, my mother used to give me a big hug and put my lunch in my bag and says "Take care darling". In this case, she is trying to show how much she loves me by doing all this things for me. This is called love. The first value that our parents will teach us is love. Throughout all the years that you will be with your parents will show how lovely they are with you. If they teaches how to love, them in the future you will also know how to teach your generation how to love. It is important to take in consideration that we spend more time with our parents rather than with teachers. Teachers could have taught us the definition of love, but they never show us what is the real significance of love. Teachers are ther to guide you whether it is right or wrong, but if you ignore your teacher's advices, then there will be your parents to guide you.

There are also parents that are good teachers in the material part. Whenever their child do not understand an homework, they try to ask their parents how to do it. Parents will be always there for your questions. No matter how busy they will be because of their job, they will find a time for you. For example, I was assigned to do a project where I need to demonstrate the quantity of people who likes to eat fruits and who do not. It was a huge project, and I could not do that by myself. So I ask my dad's help since they will know much more than me. They have already experienced all these things I am about to experience because they have been through this. My dad helped me whenever he could because of his job. It is not easy to work and teach your child because there is not enough time. Nevertheless, parents must frequently have time to their children so that they can see whether or not they have been guide to the right side.

As we have seen, parents are the best teachers for every child. They will teach you and guide you to what is right. Indeed, you will spend most of the time at home. So most of the occasion is that mothers are there always. They will give advices for you whenever you have doubts of something and will also tell you about their expericenes she had been through. In conclusion, I consider that parents are the best teachers because they will be always there for you in your happy and sad moments.