Would anyone be kind enough to check the following paragraphs for me? Thanks!

McDonald Corporation is the biggest leading brand in dining service restaurants. In 1995, McDonald’s patriarch—McDonald brothers, set up a restaurant in Chicago, US. The delicious food and cordial service under the golden arch “M”, were immediately welcomed by the whole world people. Now McDonald has 30 thousand restaurants in 120 countries, and McDonald needs to give delicious McDonald dining and service to 50 million customers.

Many people think that McDonald was founded by Ray A. Kroc. But it isn’t true. In fact, Ray A. Kroc made McDonald enhance and glorify and extend to the world. In 1948, McDonald brothers founded their first fast food restaurant. They started to sell from the hot dog, and finally gradually transformed into the fast food chains to sell fries. The two brothers had the ability to found McDonald career, but they don’t have ability to make McDonald enhanced and glorious!