A person's worth nowadays seems to be judged according to the social status and material possessions. Old fashioned values, such as humour, kindness and trust no longer seem important.
To what extent do you agree or disagree?

The present world has transformed a lot in every respect and this also has brought a change in the thinking of people. Today, financial strength of a person earns more regard in society whereas other personality traits have been given a back seat to be counted as potential of one. I do support this idea, keeping in view some social and psychological issues relevant to this.
There have been various factors justifying this trend. Firstly, money speaks in its own language which everyone understands. In every field, the person with power can easily move directions in his own favor. To illustrate, politicians with criminal backgrounds are holding the command of authority. Same is true for other high profile people like celebrities from film or sports world. Secondly, people feel it as their pride to make contacts with such elite class, because they are convinced to seek shelter from them during adversity.
Furthermore, monetary status brings authority and support from masses. Thus, a person possessing public support and financial strength, automatically dominates others. The fact endorses this idea, modern people are in hurry to buy all these luxury symbols; for instance, costly cars, bungalows etc, so that they are nowhere behind. It is a commonly observed fact that rich class is always regarded in a distinct and special style, be it at family functions, in educational institutes or even at work places.
However, the qualities like generosity and trust are still the basis of all relations whether these are related to commerce or society itself and are mandatory in every respect.
Eventually, it is discern that the present world has made people more money-centered, yet a rational approach is required to for holding reward for humanistic traits to improve the quality of life.