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    1.I looked up the dictionary. And found 2 sentences. I'm confused whether "eggplant" and "cabbage" are countable nouns or uncountable nouns.
    "What do you like for lunch? Cabbage or eggplant?"
    "The shelves were filled with all sorts of vegetables -- eggplants, cucumbers, cabbages, "

    2. and I have another similar question about "fruit"
    Bananas are my favourite fruits/or fruit?
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    Re: eggplant(s),cabbage(s)

    Cabbage is generally uncountable on the plate and countable in the field. When we go shopping, we usually buy the countable green ball, though we may buy the uncountable food.

    Eggpant/aubergine is uncountable when it is sliced or mashed, but countable when whole.

    Bananas are my favourite fruit, and cabbage is my favourite vegetable.

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