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    as large as Fate

    1.Why is this "fate" capitalized? Does it mean "the god of fate"?
    2.And does "as large as Fate" mean "some big force as Fate"?

    ex)On May 29th there was a heavy rain but the sun came out the next day. Driving back from the village, I stopped the car because a small woodchuck was traveling along the road, its belly almost flat to the gravel. I got out, took off my sweater, threw it over the woodchuck and wrapped him in it, then put him on the floor of the car while I drove home. I guessed the rain had washed out his burrow. If I hadnít come along he would have eventually died of starvation. Rescuing him, I felt as large as Fate.

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    Re: as large as Fate

    If you capitalise use, you are giving it some form of divine power- the force that controls us, rather than simply what happens to us. The woodchuck was in serious trouble, so the person who rescued it was like a divine force- the saviour of the animal that could so easily have died.

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