(QUOTED) phonics
Kindergarten teachers tell their students that every letter has a name and a sound. For example, the letter <a> is called [e:], that's its name, and it has the sounds [ae] in apple and [a] in father, for example. Phonics helps with reading. (UNQUOTED)

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I don't understand why :

1. the letter <a> is called [e:]

( is [e:] the symbol of IPA? How do I know the way to sound out [e:] )

2. it has the sounds [ae] in apple

(is [ae] the symbol of IPA? How do a child know the sound of [ae] in IPA while they are learning phonics?)

3. [a] in father
(same quesation as #1 & 2)

I have been searching ways/methods in teaching phonics to the kindergarten children in a private tutorial. I need to know it well as much as possible and ASAP. Can anyone kindly recommend good websites, clips in Youtube or whatever free resources you find effective? HELP please................